What can you do with Weelgo?

Weelgo comes with a pool of useful tools you can use separately or all together, depending on your needs.

Project description

Design, select leaders, share and stay on track.


Draw your project, describe your needs, deliverable, milestone and link them with tasks, todo lists and groups. Do it with your team or your client in a meeting.

The network designer is a very convenient tool to formalize and prioritize your requirements. After this step, you will have a project ready to run!

Todo lists

In Weelgo, you can define as many todo lists as you want. Define them directly in a network or create free todo lists.

Weelgo will automatically aggregate them for each user and prioritize them for you. So you know at all times what tasks to perform in the right order.

Objectives / synthetic view

Set clear goals that will be accessible to all members of your team.

Weelgo offers a synthetic view which allows you to understand the progress of the project at a glance.

Plan for takeoff

Day-to-day management is always complicated because it must reconcile rigid planning and frequent contingencies.

To manage this problem, we have created a quick and simple tool to allow you to plan your week independently of the framework planning.

The information entered in Weelgo is therefore always relevant and effective.


Important information accessible in a few clicks


Weelgo integrates a real forum to allow your teams to exchange important information. Each employee can ask questions, declare problems, risks, decisions.

With each addition of subjects / messages in the forum, all subscribed users receive a notification and can therefore respond instantly if the subject concerns them.

It is of course possible to place your files there as well as organize them using folders like a hard drive.


In order to quickly share your projects for consultations, Weelgo allows you to create encrypted links. Send this link to the person of your choice, he will have direct read access to your project.

You can also easily share your projects with other Weelgo users. So they can interact with your projects, post messages, change the progress of tasks, etc.

If one day you no longer want this person to interact with your project, all you have to do is delete the sharing. Your project will no longer be accessible to him instantly.

Comment what you want

In Weelgo you can comment on actions, objectives, milestones, todo lists. Ask targeted questions directly in the right place for maximum efficiency

All comments are posted in the forum for optimal responsiveness.


Discover our innovative tools allowing you to optimize your management.

Gantt / Planning

A real management tool, find in the Weelgo Gantt all the progress or delay indicators allowing you to have a schedule updated in real time and generated automatically.


Define your phases and milestones in order to model your strategic roadmaps. Connect them to your Weelgo projects and get the information live.

You will always have a high level and updated vision of your projects.

Management indicators

Dashboard, Burndown, 45 ° line, load plan, late action, planning reframing tool and many more.

Take advantage of all the automatically generated management indicators.

Share your indicators with your employees and efficiently manage your projects.

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